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Meredith originally grew up in Hamilton, MA. She started ballet at the age of 3 and began theatre at the age of 8. From then on, she continued to pursue singing and dancing. She got her BFA from The Hartt School and became a well rounded actress. She has been living in NYC for 6 years now and is a proud Actors Equity Member.

"Meredith Swanson is marvelous, feisty and sweet, her lilting songs a lovely addition to the score."
                                                             ~ The Barstable Partriot for 1776

"The greatest surprise, however, is Swanson’s performance. Swanson layers into her line readings as a mix of amusement and disappointment with Barney, and gives her femme fatale Elaine a level of awareness that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Because of Swanson, Elaine comes to life on stage as a relatable woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t feel the need to indulge Barney’s fantasies."

                      ~ Cape Cod Times for The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

"Her performance was seamless.  Though very modern Meredith is able to play this fine line between modernity and the inception of television. Her timing and ability to connect with the audience was on par with Johnny Carson and Joan Rivers. Meredith is a bewitching host and should probably emcee most events while we are all here on earth. I even see a possible late night talk show in her future."
                               - D.B Frick for The Guilty Pleasures Cabaret

"Most of her lines are barbs at Barney that drip with sarcasm and she delivers them with perfect timing. Yet Swanson manages to show cracks of vulnerability and under her character’s jaded, tough as nails veneer."
          ~Wicked Local Cape Cod for The Last of the Red Hot Lovers

 Meredith Swanson plays the role magnificentely, all sass and seduction, with a hearty dose of bravado. Swanson’s Elaine is the perfect blend of street-smart and siren and hard luck survivor and is a delightful foil for Barney’s haplessness.
             ~ The Barstable Partriot for The Last of the Red Hot Lovers


"Meredith Swanson takes Chase’s two-dimensional Myrtile Mae and suffuses her with an underlying passion that bubbles to the surface with increasing frequency as the play progresses, often to great comedic effect."
                                                                   ~Cape Cod Times for Harvey

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